I am a graphic & web designer with 20+ years of experience currently based out of Ventura, California. I thrive on creative challenges and the need to collaborate, question, and understand—to make things work better, look more beautiful, and ultimately deliver improved results. 
I grew up skating, snowboarding, drawing, constructing tree forts, and rebuilding lawn mowers. Before pursuing design I dreamed of either becoming an animator or a professional skateboarder. Neither of those came true—but I did have lunch with Tony Hawk once. I love to travel, many times for those interests, but more because it keeps me challenged, helps me gain new perspectives, expand my creativity, and increase my appreciation for life. This led to my wife and I selling everything and moving into an Airstream with our two sons so we could travel the country, all while remotely operating my freelance design business. Over the span of about 4 years we visited 42 states, met amazing people, sampled hotwings, visited big cities, small towns, historical sites, museums, and 23 national parks. Along the way raising our boys; homeschooling, drawing, skating, building legos, and just living life as a family on the road. 
And though my life may be back to “normal” and my home is not on wheels, adventures in travel, design, and with family continue... 
Please contact me if you’d like to discuss working together.
Core Skills: Print & Digital Design, Multichannel Marketing, Cohesive Brand Identities, Practical UX/UI Design, Web & App Development, Creative Leadership, Project Management. Tools: Figma, Webflow, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Code: HTML5 CSS3/LESS/SASS Javascript/jQuery
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