Guest Speakers

The following speakers are internationally renowned speakers on the aviation/aerospace lecture tour circuit. They have educated and inspired millions of people with their presentations world-wide about the genius and perseverance of Wilbur and Orville Wright. October 5-10 at the Redding Air Show.

Ferg Norton

North Carolina First Flight Centennial Foundation

Retired Rear Admiral and US Navy fighter pilot, Ferg Norton, Executive Director Admiral Norton will act as North Carolina Ambassador, home of the famous FIRST FLIGHT. Raleigh, North Carolina. Find out more about Ferg Norton

Darrell Collins

National Park Service, Wright Brothers National Historic Site

Darrell Collins, Historian of the Wright Brothers National Memorial and World Renowned Wright Brothers Interpreter. Home of the famous full scale reproduction of the 1903 Flyer and the 60-foot Wright Memorial atop Big Kill Devil Hill. Location of the world-changing first Flight. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Find out more about Darrell Collins

Amanda Wright Lane

The Wright Family

Amanda Wright Lane, official spokesperson for the Wright Family, great grand niece of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Dayton, Ohio. Find out more about Amanda Wright Lane

Rick Young

World renowned Wright Brother’s professional; researcher and author of numerous articles and studies on the Wrights. Builder of numerous Wright Gliders and Flyers housed in the Smithsonian, the Virginia Aviation Museum, and the Wright Brothers Historic Site. His 1903 Wright Flyer will be highlighted at the World’s Fair this year in Japan. Rick has been appeared in films such as NASA’s, Flying Machines, the IMAX film, On the Wing, American Experience’s, The Wright Stuff, Disney’s Epcot America, and a PBS/NOVA program, The Wright Brother’s Flying Machine. His 1903 Wright Flyer was the centerpiece of the Centennial of Flight Celebration at Rockefeller Center in New York during the summer of 2003. The flyer drew over 2 million people. Katie Couric, from the Today Show, broadcasted for an hour right in front of the flier. The Discovery/Learning Channel has produced and aired “The Wright Stuff”, a program about this project. Find out more about Rick Young